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Gwenu dan Fysiau

Llawlyfr y Piwritan Newydd

George Gallowy shows his Respect


Wps blog anghywir! o wel, adawa i o yma ta beth

In an artice rant about the proposed new Gaelic channel by the BBC, he only mentions to call the Gaelic language 'obscure' twice in the artice which was dissapointing.
Language is a living thing or nothing at all if you ask me. And the rest of us, by a stroke of luck, are in possession of a tongue worth the weight of Ben Nevis in gold.
This is often an argument used against any money being spent on the Welsh language, that it shouldn't be supported in any way by the state and that it should be left to fight it out with other languages, which is an argument that one can understand. But then he goes on to say:
The English language is our greatest asset and the government spends far too little spreading it even wider.

The money spend on Gaels and their obscure language could be spent by the British Council teaching, for example, the people of China to speak English with infinitely more returns.

Which is a total contradiction of what he just said.

I sometimes visit the Wales/Cymru section the Urban75 forum, which has it's fair share of nut jobs. Here's the latest post by (sadly) a rather noisy Respectoid:
St David's Day - COUNTER DEMO

As we know over the last few years the nationalists have stepped up their attempts to impose conformity and their bigotted ideology on our locale, they will be using St David's Day to impose the idea that Wales is a nation cosily united - rich and poor - against English oppression and waving their flags. They will be attempting to construct a 'welsh identity' that never existed and various other ideas that mystify social reality, class division and block the forming of genuine grassroots culture based on solidarity and diy principles.
Needless to say, everyone rips the piss out of him.

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postiwyd gan Rhys Wynne, 8:37 pm

2 sylw:

Diddorol iawn Rhys. Fe enillodd Galloway lawer o "barch" yn yr UDA ymhlith wrthwynebwyr y rhyfel Irac.
Ond, wrth ddysgu mwy am ei agweddau gwleidyddol "Stalinaidd," dwi'n credu fod pobl wedi ei weld fel y mae e: cymeriad trist sy'n mwynhau corddi'r dyfroedd.

Dim syndod ei fod yn bychanu yr iaith hynaf yn ei wlad ei hun.

Does dim "Respect" 'da fi iddo fe!
Ar ôl darllen y sylwadau gan y twpsyn yn fforwm Wales/Cymru, dw i'n meddwl fod o'n dryslyd. Roedd Mao yn "Nationalist" o'r fath ei hun, on'd doedd?
sylw gan Blogger Tom Parsons, 3:19 pm  

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