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Gwenu dan Fysiau

Llawlyfr y Piwritan Newydd

Mae'r boi yn fflipin arwr


Wythnos ym mywyd Dennis Smith (rheolwr CDP Wrecsam) yn y Times.
At least this Friday is nothing like the one two weeks ago, the day we went into administration. My day started with talking to Radio 5 Live at 7.45am, we went to court, went into administration and lost ten points, had more media to do, had to go to Scunthorpe, where we were knocked out of the FA Cup, I was still talking to journalists on the phone at 10.45pm, then we had to shove the dirty kit into the washing machines. Lost ten points, in the relegation zone, out of the FA Cup, up to my elbows in muddy kit at 1.30am.

Yes, that was the low point in all this, but quit? No, I’ve never seriously considered quitting.


postiwyd gan Rhys Wynne, 1:25 pm

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