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Gwenu dan Fysiau

Llawlyfr y Piwritan Newydd

Days of Autonomy, Caerdydd - 4-6/11/05


Mewn ymgais i ennill gwobr am y post mwya vague, dyma chi rywbeth ddarllenais ar negesfwrdd Urban75:
The PAD (People's Autonomous Destination) Presents "Days Of Autonomy",
4/5/6th November, location to be announced

This is a free weekend of events to be held at a new social centre for Cardiff. Included over the weekend is a vegan cafe, radical bookshop and library, activist info point, live music and performance, art space, freeshop, kids space, films, Queer night, healing space.

Workshops and discussions around climate change, Iraq, direct action, animal rights, transgender, video activism, ID Cards, No Borders and more.

A website should be up by the end of the weekend: www.thepad.org.uk

e-mail us at: thepad@riseup.net for location details or if you want help out or get involved.

we need your art work, photography, banners to make the PAD look lovely. were having a tart-up day next Thursday at the venue so if you fancy helping to make the PAD (your PAD!) beautiful, e-mail us!


Dyw'r wefan ddim yn fyw eto, ac efallai daw'n fwy amlwg beth yn umion mae amdan bryd hynny. Swnio'n ddiddorol ta beth.
postiwyd gan Rhys Wynne, 8:34 am

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