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Gwenu dan Fysiau

Llawlyfr y Piwritan Newydd

Dim parth at neb


Sori, methu helpu'n hun eto, yn meddwl mod i'n gweithio i'r Sun yn dyfeisio penawdau bachog fel yr un am erthygl Domain Games. Mae'r blaid Lafur wedi cyflogi gwefeistr dadleuol o America o'r enw Zack Exley.
The Labour Party has hired Zack Exley, the controversial cyberactivist from liberal American website MoveOn.org, according to Silicon. As of now, there is little known about what exactly Exley will be doing for Labour.

Exley originally made a name for himself through “cybersquatting” – the practice of buying up an internet domain in the name of a party or politician and using it to help the opposing side. He purchased the domain name gwbush.com in the late 1990s for $70, and he used the site to post doctored photos of George W. Bush snorting cocaine and drinking.
Tra nad oes neb yn siwr eto beth fydd ei rôl, mae'n amlwg fod gan y pleidiau eraill dric (budur) neu ddau fyny eu llawes hefyd;
The Conservative Party claims that several websites with party leader Michael Howard’s name have already been registered by the Labour Party. Labour is not alone in its cybersquatting, however. The Lib Dems have come under fire for registering plaid-cymru.co.uk, and the Conservatives themselves own both tonyblairmp.com and tonyblairmp.net.
postiwyd gan Rhys Wynne, 1:44 pm

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