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Gwenu dan Fysiau

Llawlyfr y Piwritan Newydd

Paid chwarae hefo hwnna!


O'r Gair Rhydd

Durham students were subject to a prank when they received an ‘official’ letter of complaint about excessive masturbation in the College showers.
postiwyd gan Rhys Wynne, 1:20 pm

2 sylw:

This "official" memo has flooded the web all over the world. Amazing to see how many people thought it was legitimate too! Semen blocking the drains? DNA testing to find out who the culprits are? Yeah right dude! I have no idea what language you people are speaking...but Cheers to you all anyway!
sylw gan Blogger Horny Old Guy, 7:10 pm  

Hi Horny, thanks for dropping by. In the hard copy of Gair Rhydd it showed a copy of the memo on what looks like official headed paper, it looked really officious [sp?]

"I have no idea what language you people are speaking...but Cheers to you all anyway!"

Are you not even going to have a guess?
sylw gan Blogger Rhys Wynne, 8:43 am  

Gadawa sylw